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Welcome to New York Financial Organizers

Bring order, ease and peace-of-mind to your financial life.

Do you struggle with:

  • Finding time to focus on personal finances.
  • Managing insurance claims.
  • Maintaining a budget.
  • Organizing tax documents.
  • Helping a loved one with their finances.

How We Can Help

Bill Paying

Maintenance of all digital and paper bills to ensure timely and efficient payment.

Fiduciary Services

When necessary, serving as Power of Attorney, Executor or Trustee for clients or estates.

Financial Organization

Categorizing all transactions, sending tax information to accountants.

Medical Paperwork

Organization of all medical paperwork leading to maximum coverage with minimal hassle.

Pooled Income Trust

Administration of Pooled Income Trust accounts for participants of New York State Community Medicaid.

Record Keeping

Our record keeping services protect our clients’ assets by reviewing and categorizing all transactions.


We know financial planning can be stressful

We can bring you order, ease and peace-of-mind. We do this by managing the day-to-day financial tasks that can overwhelm you.

“Dear Peter, When I think of you my eyes well up in tears. You took care of my mother in her remaining years and until her death. You made sure all of her wishes were fulfilled. I will never forget you. I will always love you. Don’t ever forget how special you are.”
– Carolina

Peter and Jacob expertly and kindly provide financial services, such as bill paying and financial organization, and arranging for purchases of goods and services for my father.
– Adrianne

Our Process

Our Initial Meeting

To get us started, we ask a lot of questions. We do this so we can become better acquainted with your unique circumstances and needs.

Organize and Digitize

✔️  Create digital file system

✔️  Collect account information

✔️  Build password program

✔️  Establish personal finance software file

Home Setup

✔️  Secure and confirm IDs and vital documents

✔️  Develop folder system

✔️  Discuss autopay options

✔️  Determine space for physical documents

Setup a Monthly Plan

✔️  Reconcile and categorize financial transactions

✔️  Provide Income and Expense reports

✔️  Visit to review and maintain systems

Our Affiliations

What Drives Us

Peter grew up observing the compassionate care his parents provided for their own parents. As Jacob entered his later years, he witnessed the same selflessness from his parents as they cared for his grandparents. These profound experiences inspired the establishment of New York Financial Organizers, Inc. (NYFO).

For numerous individuals, handling bills and maintaining financial stability can be an overwhelming challenge. Even the mere act of opening mail can trigger immense anxiety. They often feel a sense of inadequacy and vulnerability, struggling to keep pace with the demands of daily life.

These responsibilities can also place a significant burden on family members. NYFO is dedicated to assisting individuals and their loved ones in managing their financial matters, just as Peter and Jacob did for their own family.

Our comprehensive range of services includes organizing and managing financial and medical insurance documents, as well as providing support with check writing and the maintenance of bank and credit card accounts. Ultimately, we take great pride in helping individuals organize the daily demands of life.