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New York Financial Organizers’ mission is to bring order, ease and peace-of-mind to our clients. We do this by managing the day-to-day financial tasks that can overwhelm the people we help.

As your Financial Organizer NYFO does not take the place of professionals in the accounting, investment, legal or social service fields. Our services complement the work of other professionals by facilitating the completion of the day-to-day tasks rather than determining long-term plans.

As an example, by organizing and maintaining accurate financial records, NYFO can easily compile the necessary documents for tax preparation by an accountant. When your accountant has prepared the required tax returns, NYFO makes sure they are correctly signed, that the appropriate checks are attached, and that returns are mailed on time.

NYFO does not offer legal, investment, tax or medical advice. However, we have relationships with numerous professionals, with an abundance of different specialties. By understanding your needs, and pertinent issues, NYFO can refer you to organizations and professionals qualified to provide the other services you may need.


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Peter Gordon, CSA, CDMM

Peter Gordon

Peter’s focus is on client service and marketing. After learning to navigate the tricky waters of Medicare, Medicaid, community trusts and estate planning for his own parents, Peter began NYFO in 2015. His goal is to help others gain peace of mind and security with their families, or their own, financial affairs.

Peter earned a BA in Political Science from the University of Buffalo and an MBA in Finance from Baruch College. After spending three years at Sanford Bernstein & Co., in marketing services he began his own computer graphic design business, Gordon Associates Inc., in 1990. In 1997 Peter teamed with Harvey Appelbaum, an award winning creative director, and formed inc3. In 2005, inc3 was sold to Kay Printing, a Clifton, New Jersey company, and re-branded as Kay Multimedia (KMM). In 2011 Peter became the Director of New Business Development for Dorian Orange, a Motion Design firm dedicated to producing captivating, innovative and memorable brand messages.

Peter is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM), has achieved the Professional Daily Money Manager (PDMM) accreditation, and is a Past President of the Greater New York Chapter of the AADMM. He is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), a member of the Orion Resource Group and has taken courses in Geriatric Care Management at the Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging. He lives in Forest Hills, NY, is married and has two sons.

Jacob is committed to keeping updated records and providing support to all clients. After watching his father go through great lengths to take care of his own parents as they became elderly, Jacob joined NYFO in 2017 with the mission of delivering client-friendly service and maintaining organized and protected personal data.

After graduating from the Bronx High School of Science, Jacob earned a BA in Psychology and Theater Arts from Clark University. After spending a year working for UJA-Federation of New York specializing in data processing for a $50 million per-year fund, Jacob joined CoreWalking, a startup geared towards alleviating chronic pain through stretch and release work, in their data analytics department. Since joining NYFO in 2017, Jacob has managed to maintain and protect the private data and kept organized and up to date personal records of NYFO’s clients.

Having grown up watching his parents take care of his grandparents both financially and emotionally, Jacob believes that understanding how to maintain updated and accurate personal finances and bills is key to navigating the world of elder care. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife.

Meryl Pasco

A natural “people person,” Meryl Pasco has managed business development for companies in a number of industry sectors, including retail marketing, education, food and beverage. She knows the importance of cultivating strong relationships in building a successful business and has developed long-term clientele.

As NYFO’s “resource for everything,” Meryl brings an easy confidence, superb organizational skills and integrity to her work. Meryl considers her work with New York Financial Organizers as an opportunity to bring her numerous life skills and talents together. A member of the Orion Resource Group, Meryl holds a bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh and resides on Long Island.

Stacey Myers

Stacey is a licensed New York State Notary Public and Volunteer Mediator with Community Dispute Resolution Centers (CMS and IMCR), Bronx Small Claims Court and Queens Civil Court. As a current member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM), she is background check cleared by Global Investigative Services, Inc.

Stacey Myers joined NYFO in 2021. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from St. John’s University and over 25+ years of experience in Management, Operations and Administrative Support.

As a Public Servant, with her varied experiences, Stacey has been exposed to many aspects of finance analysis inclusive of but not limited to contracts, purchasing, legal, insurance, contract administration, cash flow & management, project management and audits. In addition, Stacey has many years of personal experience assisting family and/or friends with crisis management and Daily Money Management tasks as she endeavors to assist and negotiate clients and families through the various stages of life and business.

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