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Our expertise is broad. The assistance we provide depends upon the specific needs of each client.

 As your Financial Organizer, NYFO does not take the place of professionals in the accounting, investment, legal or social service fields. Our services complement the work of other professionals by facilitating the completion of the day-to-day tasks rather than determining long-term plans.

Our services include bill paying services in New York, overall financial organization, maintaining Pooled Income Trusts, and much more.

Our Services

Bill Paying

Maintenance of all digital and paper bills to ensure timely and efficient payment.

Fiduciary Services

When necessary, serving as Power of Attorney, Executor or Trustee for clients or estates.

Financial Organization

Categorizing all transactions, sending tax information to accountants.

Medical Paperwork

Organization of all medical paperwork leading to maximum coverage with minimal hassle.

Pooled Income Trust

Administration of Pooled Income Trust accounts for participants of New York State Community Medicaid.

Record Keeping

Our record keeping services protect our clients’ assets by reviewing and categorizing all transactions.