November 28

How Can a CSA Help Seniors and Their Families?

How Can a CSA Help Seniors and Their Families? by Peter Gordon{2:45 minutes to read} I began New York Financial Organizers in January of 2015. During the previous four months, I explored the world of geriatric services, joining a wonderful organization, the Orion Research Group, as an exploratory member. Many other members suggested that I become a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA).

CSAs are professionals, who in the course of their practice, apply multidisciplinary knowledge of the aging process and aging issues to identify the most appropriate options and solutions for seniors’ individual needs and best interests to improve their lives.

To become certified, I had to pass the CSA Exam, complete the Roles, Rules and Responsibilities Ethics test within one year of the application date and pass a criminal background check. In addition, I am required to complete annual continuing education.

There are six parts to the CSA training:

  1.      The Journey of Aging
  2.      Health Transitions as People Grow Older
  3.      Quality of Life Choices – housing, caregiving, advanced care planning
  4.      Financial and Estate Planning Issues
  5.      Federal and State Programs for Retirement and Healthcare
  6.      Essential Ethics for Working with Older Adults

As a Certified Senior Advisor, I understand how to build effective relationships with seniors. I have a broad base of knowledge regarding the health, social, and financial issues that face seniors. While I focus on helping my clients manage daily financial and domestic issues in my role as a Daily Money Manager, I can also help guide seniors towards potential solutions to their non-financial issues that others without a CSA designation might not have.

In many cases I reach out to fellow members of The Orion Resource Group. Here I have established relationships with other senior and elder care specialists who work for the benefit of their clients and loved ones. These colleagues are professionals who possess a deep passion and caring for what they do and empathy for those they serve.

If you or a loved one has the need for a trusted Daily Money Manager or would like to learn more about how a Certified Senior Advisor could support you or your family, please contact me to find out how I can help.


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  1. Hey Peter – thanks for bringing this certification to my attention. Seniors have different financial needs and goals than younger people. And, they are often taken advantage of, unfortunately. It’s good to know there is special training to help out these folks. Thanks again and congrats on the certification!

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