November 28

How to Evaluate Consumer Options…and Not Get Cheated!

How to Evaluate Consumer Options...and Not Get Cheated! by Peter Gordon{2:20 minutes to read} A daily money manager helps with all aspects of a person’s daily financial life, such as paying bills, reviewing credit card charges and reconciling checking accounts. The leap from meeting a daily money manager to letting them handle these items can be difficult, as there is a lot of trust involved. Sometimes, even if you trust somebody, you really don’t know what it’s like to work with them. This is why hiring a daily money manager to help you make wise purchasing decisions is a good introduction to how you might work together.

For example, it’s not unusual for people to receive special offers to change cable services. Combining phone services with TV and Internet services can yield large savings. However, many people are scared of these offers, as they are often confusing. A daily money manager can offer advice and support in making the decision to switch or to remain with your current service providers. I have helped clients decide to combine services, saving them over $100 a month, a significant amount of money for those on a fixed income.

The decision to switch cable services should be not taken lightly, especially for a senior. Switching from one television service to another can mean different channel numbers and can be confusing. It becomes a matter of weighing the choice between how much money can be saved and what potential issues may have to be handled. A daily money manager can help you weigh those pros and cons.

If you need assistance with a loved one, or yourself, I am happy to help you in any way I can. Contact me today to get started 917-279-3972.

Peter GordonPeter Gordon
New York Financial Organizers, Inc.


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