October 27

Meditation Tips: Helping You Live a Better Life


Meditation Tips: Helping You Live a Better Life by Peter Gordon{2:20 minutes to read} As a Daily Money Manager, I work closely with my clients and develop relationships that transcend paying bills. I’d like to share how I helped one client in a way that might be beneficial to you or someone you know, too.

Certainly, the guts of my work is Financial Organization: reconciling bank accounts, processing insurance claims, talking with credit card companies, etc. While spending time with clients I enjoy talking about what is going on in their non-financial lives and sharing what’s happening in mine. I never know where this will lead me.

In a recent conversation with my client Mary, I mentioned an app I use called Insight Timer. It provides hundreds or guided meditation, music tracks, talks and courses. It allows the user to control the length of the guided meditation, the music, and which bells and tones you want for your meditation. What piqued Mary’s interest was that the app provides guided sleep meditation. She’s 87 years old and has long suffered with trouble sleeping. I happily installed the free version on her Android phone and instructed her on how to use it.

Two weeks later, on my next visit, Mary thanked me profusely. She said she’d had the best three night’s sleep in a row from doing a guided sleep meditation on Insight Timer.

I was blown away, as I had briefly mentioned the program through the course of conversation and only spent a few minutes installing it. It was wonderful to know that I could make a difference in her life.

My business is not just about organizing finances for my clients; it’s about sharing information to help them improve their lives.


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