Peter’s Story

Peter Gordon, CSA, CDMM

For many seniors, paying bills and staying on top of their finances is a huge challenge.

Just opening the mail causes enormous anxiety for them. They feel incompetent and vulnerable, which often leads to depression.
When my father was aging, I saw his embarrassment when he was no longer able to manage his finances and paperwork. I knew it was time for me to take this off his plate.
After that, he never had to worry about missing payments or deciphering baffling insurance bills. It was deeply gratifying to give him more independence and self worth.
Now I do this for others.

One of the biggest nightmares for seniors is filing and managing their health insurance claims. They may be dealing with many health issues which can be a major burden. There is an art to filing the paperwork and if not done correctly claims are denied. This is where we make a huge impact.
Because seniors are on a fixed income, they are concerned about where their money is going and often have no idea. We report to them monthly, so they know if they have enough money to visit their families or buy a new TV.
We personally handle the bookkeeping, paperwork and keep a watchful eye on our client’s checkbook. We make sure bills are paid on time, their checkbook is balanced and they are on budget.

Having a neutral third party money manager helps prevent financial abuse or identity theft to which seniors are especially vulnerable. We often act as a buffer with family members when seniors are not comfortable discussing money or fear they don’t have their best interests in mind.

When you visit your family, who wants to be sorting through the mail, making sure their cable isn’t turned off or their insurance company isn’t over billing?
Take them out to lunch and leave the paperwork to us.