Peter is a lifesaver! He completely organized and helped my (very difficult!) father both in his personal and business financial life. He also helped me after my father passed away with his immensely complicated estate.  Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and skilled at what he does, but he is a pleasure to work with. Five stars!   I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Peter and Jacob expertly and kindly provide financial services, such as bill paying and financial organization, and arranging for purchases of goods and services for my father.

Since 2016 Peter’s company has provided those services with respect for my father’s diminished abilities and limitations.  My father likes Peter personally, and especially likes that an independent person, rather than a family member, is handling the finances.

The arrangement gives Dad some dignity, despite accepting assistance.  Peter notifies me of matters needing attention, is responsive to my questions and concerns and provides useful information about managing my father’s affairs.  I trust and rely upon Peter and Jacob.

We wanted to let you know that Michelle left us a message after your last visit that was truly heartfelt and grateful for having your help.  Your approach really connected with her and she was very thankful to us to for having made the referral.

It’s probably the first time in her life she had someone patiently explain how to organize her finances in a way that was respectful and encouraging.

So, thank you again for all you have done and will do.  We too feel lucky to have found you.

I am taking a few minutes to write this letter to you on behalf of my entire family.

Since our introduction in the Fall of 2017 you, your skills, efforts and persona have been a God sent relief to us. In short, you are always there.

The recommendation by the social worker to contact you was one of the best actions as a family that we have taken. You have in your own quiet way relieved the pressure and financial burdens of our current family situation.

Whenever an issue a situation arises, you are always there. You have easy to understand solutions; you are always readily available, and if not, your response time is fantastic. Much if not all of our financial anxiety has been reduced tremendously by your personal and professional traits.

Your personal and professional caring by the following and most comforting words: “Do not worry; that is what I’m here for; this is what I do.”

Again, on behalf of our entire family, and with a serious and heartfelt thank you!