May 5

Have You Ever Sought The Advice Of A Geriatric Care Manager?


In 2008 my father became ill. My mom, sister, brother, and I were clueless as to what to do.

Through professional networking, I was fortunate to meet a Geriatric Care Manager. This person helped us to navigate the difficult waters of geriatric care. In addition, she changed the course of my career by introducing me to the world of geriatric care services. Six years ago I joined the elder care industry as a Daily Money Manager.

Geriatric Care Managers are an indispensable resource. They:
🔵Help assess the health of their clients
🔵Determine the need of care
🔵Make the home safe
🔵Suggest the proper doctors and medical specialists
🔵Provide guidance on other critical areas and tasks.

Proper medical care can be difficult to obtain for people of any age. However, for the elderly it can be even more challenging. Poor hearing, cognitive loss, immobility and other factors that come with age make getting the correct advice precarious. Having someone guide, and possibly accompany, you through the process is invaluable.

Have you ever sought the advice of a geriatric care manager?


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