May 12

How Would It Feel To Have Eldercare Counsel At Your Fingertips?


I became a Daily Money Manager as a result of caring for my aging parents.

That’s when I learned about geriatric care management, home care and attending to their growing medical needs, both physical and psychological.

While sitting with them in doctor’s waiting rooms, people would overhear me explaining things to my folks. They’d lean over and ask if I could help them to better understand it, too. I remember my mother once saying, “You can have a conversation with a wall!”

I first learned about Geriatric Care Management, but eventually discovered Daily Money Management, which is well suited to my skill set. We say “Geriatric Care Managers do the pills, Daily Money Managers to the bills,” but it’s much more than that.

Here’s a running list:
✅Act as ongoing counsel on their daily living and household needs
✅Pay their bills, look for fraud and review insurance claims
✅Liaise with #geriatriccaremanagers#accountants#elderlawattorney#financialadvisors
✅Work with their family members and loved ones

How would it feel to have eldercare counsel at your fingertips?


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