August 8

How Old (or Young) Do I Need to Be to Have a DMM?

How Old (or Young) Do I Need to Be to Have a DMM? by Peter GordonAlthough there is no age criteria for working with a Daily Money Manager (DMM), around 85% percent of my clients are considered elderly — they have lost some of their decision making capabilities to stay on top of their bills. On the other hand, I have some clients who are just really busy and need help organizing their finances. Below are two examples:

Loss of a Spouse

A friend’s brother suddenly passed away. He was the one who managed the home finances and his widow had no interest in learning what needed to be done. Although she is a college professor with a PhD, her brother-in-law referred her because she doesn’t have an interest in personal financial organization. She was anxious to find somebody to help manage her home and pay the bills, particularly assisting with the transition into the life of a single person.

Loss of Control

I have a client who is very anxious with dealing with personal finances and wanted to gain control of his spending. While he makes a sizable living, he also spends a lot. This resulted in a great deal of anxiety around his state of financial well being. In only a few months of working with me, we have seen an increase in financial control and a decrease in anxiety. In addition, he has begun to build a cash reserve and increase his retirement investments.

Get Started Today

As a Daily Money Manager, I have no control over my client’s spending. What I do provide, though, is guidance and factual information on how much money is coming in and and how much is going out, as well as where that money is going. Facts are friends!

Click here to read about the process we use gain insight into our client’s income and expenses.


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